LockerLife provides shoppers a safe and easy way to pick up their parcels at a convenient time. LockerLife has a dense network of e-Lockers across all regions in Hong Kong which allows consumers to collect parcel at ease. The e-Lockers are available in public and private estates, ferry terminals, shopping malls, and convenience stores.

Transfer Service

How do I use Transfer Service?


Shop Anywhere: Shop on any website and fill in LockerLife as your name and LockerLife Transfer Address as your delivery address during checkout.
Note: Your Transfer Addresses are shown in your account profile on LockerLife App and website.


Inform us of your waybill number: After your parcel is shipped from the eShop, you will have a unique waybill number. Please enter the waybill number on the App or website so that we can identify your parcel.


Pay for the delivery: When your parcel is ready to be delivered to e-Locker, you will receive notification from us. Transfer service costs you HKD35 per delivery.
Note: Please use LockerLife credits to pay for the delivery service. You will enjoy more discount if you buy more credits.

Service Scope
From transfer address to LockerLife locker
35 credits / parcel
Weight Limit
Dimension Limit
Standard Locker: 35 x 37 x 53 cm
Mini Locker: 15 x 29 x 36 cm

* Please check the parcel dimension carefully when you select your pickup locker. If your parcel exceeds the stipulated weight or dimension limit, you need to pick up the parcel from our transfer address or request home delivery service. If you request home delivery service, extra charges will apply.

Service Scope
From transfer address to home delivery
Weight Limit
Dimension Limit
L+M+H ≦160cm

* The above price applies to exceptions handling for LockerLife Transfer Service only.

* Please noted that above rate cards do not include any first-mile shipping fee (e.g. from merchants to LockerLife transfer addresses) and we do not accept any unpaid delivery.

* LockerLife does not provide any consolidation service at this moment due to the dimensional/weight limits of the lockers.


Pick Up Your Parcel: Follow the screen instruction and pick up your parcel after you receive your Pick-up Pin by SMS and QR code via App.